Situated on the ground floor of Flinders Centre is Bankstown Sports Club.

Since 1958, Bankstown Sports Club has grown and developed into one of the largest clubs in NSW, with more than 65,000 members. It supports more than 40 local sporting clubs and over 8000 individuals who participate in sport, as well as hundreds of local charities and community groups.

Some of the main features of Bankstown Sports Club include live shows, weekly entertainment, a wide variety of restaurants and bars including La Piazza, Monkey Mania play centre and Turbo Climb.

Bankstown Sports is heavily involved in the community and contributes millions of dollars every year to local charities and organisations. It supports Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital, aged care and disability services, social services, schools and educational programs.

The club also supports 43 local grassroots sporting groups by subsidising the cost of registration fees, ground fees, uniforms and trophies, and by developing and maintaining sporting infrastructure in the Bankstown area.



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